International CXT – Big Yellow

This custom vehicle features an SUV-style cabin fabricated on a stretched, double-cut International CXT chassis, to provide your clients with an extra large party-style interior. The exterior features gold flecked paint, diamond plate running boards, and limo-style tinted windows with exterior RGB LED light panels. The fully loaded interior includes a themed colorwash oval ceiling, two-tone wave rails with fiber optic trim, stainless steel handrails, disco rails, two-tone posts, two stainless steel dance poles, disco floors, full DJ station, karaoke machine, satellite TV, game station, wireless internet, and a VIP area in the rear. The seats shown are black ostrich with wrinkled yellow vinyl inserts, with fiber optic trim, and black carpet seat bases. The corner seat includes a themed pocket bar, and there are two additional pocket bars with matching seat plugs added, to hide pocket bars when not in use. RGB LED glass racks are provided throughout, and there is an additional bar in the rear VIP area. The walls are black ostrich with starlight fiber optics.